For developers, describing complex processes in a few lines of code is generally easier than describing yourself. But, since you've stayed this long, I'll endulge you a bit.

I was born in the fine midwestern state of Nebraska, to a pair of wonderful parents that I am extremely grateful for. I met my wife and best friend while attending Hastings College. We ran track for four years together. She's still faster than me.

Outside of software, I enjoy reading, furniture, design, 20th century history, hording Chrome tabs and crashing my computer from too many aforementioned Chrome tabs.

At heart, I'm a maker interested in everything from creating my own typeface to automating my window blinds with a Raspberry Pi.

My software interests right now are in Node.JS, automation and data analysis.


  • Name: Micah Kamla
  • Alias: @9to5hack
  • Age: 29 yrs 96 days 16 hrs 32 min 55 sec
  • Location: 29.7528071,-95.3816255
  • Employment
    • Web Developer Houston Rockets Oct 2014 Current
    • Digital Developer New Orleans Saints/Pelicans Jan 2012 Oct 2014
    • Multimedia Designer Bosselman Inc. May 2010 Jan 2012